Cotterpin Consulting | Impact Analysis: Effect of Medicare Part D on CARE Act Clients
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Impact Analysis: Effect of Medicare Part D on CARE Act Clients

Needs Assessment
About This Project

Public-health planners in Baltimore, responsible for allocating some $20 million in federal funds for low-income HIV services annually, needed to know how their clients would be affected by the new Medicare Part D prescription-drug benefit. I answered this question both in terms of the actual wording of the new law (i.e., in an ideal world, how is this benefit supposed to work?), as well as by tracking and analyzing the technical problems that plagued the program’s rollout (i.e., how smoothly is the implementation working?). This report demonstrates my ability to deliver authoritative, high-quality analysis for use in a high-stakes planning process. My research sources for this project included government and NPO white papers, mainstream media coverage and analysis, and extensive meetings and interviews with state health officials. (For InterGroup Services, Inc..)