Cotterpin Consulting | Legislative analysis: An ordinance regulating signs in Elkins, W. Va.
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Legislative analysis: An ordinance regulating signs in Elkins, W. Va.

Policy Analysis
About This Project

When the City of Elkins announced that it was considering an ordinance to impose some basic regulation of signs within city limits, the public—especially potentially affected business owners—had lots of concerns and questions. It became clear that the initial version of the ordinance was widely considered to be overly restrictive, so council’s Rules and Ordinances Committee took it back to the drawing table. To support their deliberations, I created these two items:

  • “Legislative analysis on sign ordinance”: This document surveyed the legal and opinion landscape of the proposed new law, as a means of providing the part-time, citizen legislators of Elkins Common Council  with a strong backgrounding on an issue they were sure to be asked about around town.
  • “Brief on sign comments”: This document captured comments and concerns shared by members of the public, identified whether those comments or concerns referred to actual proposed language in the ordinance, and then suggested possible remedies if council wanted to address those comments or concerns.