Cotterpin Consulting | Consulting Services
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Consulting Services

(Please note: this page describes prospective offerings—services that I haven’t yet offered as a consultant, but which I’m excited to create, perhaps for you. Here are some more details.)

Sometimes you just need a little extra help.

Do you need assistance with program implementation, community engagement, or improving your organization’s (or just your) productivity? Do you need to temporarily augment your team, or gain new skills? Here is a sample list of possible services and programs I could design for you. Need something that’s not on this list? Tell me all about it.

  • Implementation of laws, rules, and programs.
  • Orientation to West Virginia’s Open Governmental Meetings Act (“sunshine law”).
  • Orientation to West Virginia’s Ethics Act.
  • Orientation to public office for elected and appointed officials.
  • Legislative workflows, drafting, and analysis.
  • Workshops on personal productivity techniques.
  • Community engagement principles and techniques.

Fun meetings? That’s hard. Efficient and productive meetings? That’s easier.

Whether your meetings are embarrassing spectacles or just not as efficient and productive as you want, let’s talk about how we can make them better.

Meeting Support Services

I have experience creating tools and references to support stronger meeting processes; planning meetings on controversial subjects; and drafting agendas that comply with West Virginia’s Open Governmental Meetings Act. Here are some possible services I could offer. Let me know if you are thinking of one that is not on the list.

  • Meeting procedures and bylaws.
  • Adapting Robert’s Rules for your organization.
  • Meeting planning.
  • Designing agendas.
  • Planning for challenging public input sessions.
  • Webinar planning and operational support.


Facilitation Services

Tough issues are easier to talk about when a neutral outsider is guiding the conversation. Bring me in, and we can design an approach to: help your organization or agency discover its next steps in response to a specific challenge or opportunity; plan for the future; or engage the public on a complex or controversial topic. Here are some possible services; again, let me know if you need something that isn’t on this list.

  • Strategic planning processes.
  • Board retreats.
  • Public input sessions.
  • Deliberative forums.
  • Focus groups.