Cotterpin Consulting | About
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Sutton Stokes, President and Principal Consultant

I am an independent researcher, writer, and consultant interested in civic engagement, the functioning of democracy at the community level, and helping local governments do their work effectively and transparently. I’m interested in these things in general, but I’m especially interested in how they play out in my adopted home of West Virginia and Appalachia—I’m not from here, but, as they say, I got here as soon as I could. My work experience includes serving as the city clerk of Elkins, West Virginia, providing research and administrative support for the Greater Baltimore HIV Health Services Planning Council, and a four-year enlistment in the United States Coast Guard (in addition to other duties, I was a navigator and law enforcement officer). I have provided consulting and freelance writing services to a variety of clients off and on since 2004. Among my current clients, I’m proudest of my work for the Kettering Foundation, the West Virginia Center for Civic Life, and Metia.